25th Aug2013

1967 Camaro RS Convertible

Camaro RS stored 20+ years

The term "barn find" sure gets tossed around a lot these days. Technically that's what this '67 Camaro Convertible is since it's been under a tarp in the corner of a barn for more than 20 years. But barn finds are usually considered to be time capsules that are essentially untouched. Some call them "survivor" cars.

This Camaro RS isn't exactly pristine, but it's not terrible considering how long it sat under wraps. It's a true 1967 Rally Sport convertible, which is a nice find. It still sports it's factory Marina Blue paint, white power convertible top and blue interior with Decor Group and center console (although the interior is pretty much shot) It also came with power steering and Power Glide automatic transmission. The factory engine is still in place miraculously, although it needs a complete rebuild after being off the road for so long.


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