25th Aug2013

1968 Camaro 327 Coupe

Original & complete, but tired '68 Camaro

It may not look like it at first glance, but this is an original and mostly complete 1967 Camaro. The factory 327 motor even runs! It was started every couple of years during it's long hibernation starting in 1988. It even still has the original hub caps (just ignore the all the flat tires!)
This Camaro coupe is going to need a complete restoration, starting with the sheet metal.  The top has several rust craters that are going to need some serious patch panels...maybe even a new roof all together. There's most rust in the trunk and lower quarter panels, not to mention the surface rust on just about everything from the body to the engine. The glass and trim are all there. And the interior is intact, even if it needs to be totally redone.


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