25th Aug2013

1969 Camaro Convertible Pace Car

Camaro RS/SS Pace car put to pasture

You see old muscle cars rusting away in back yards and fields all the time. But usually they aren't quite as rare as this one. This 1969 Camaro Pace Car has been sitting in this field with a handful of other Camaro cousins since the late 70's!!!

The official 1969 Pace cars are extremely rare, with only 132 total made for use on race day. This one however is one of 3,675 limited edition replica Pace Car Camaros sold to the public. All of these cars were SS/RS convertibles clad in Dover White paint with Hugger Orange stipes and orange and black hound's tooth interior.

Now, is this one for real? Based on it's unrestored condition and considering how long it's been off the road, the chances are very good that it's authentic. Unfortunately it's seen better days. In addition to the missing rear quarter sheet metal (who does that kind of thing?) there's also considerable rust in this Camaro. But considering it's collectible nature, this 1969 Pace car might just be worth saving.


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