27th Aug2013

1969 Camaro Z/28

Camaro RS/SS Pace car put to pasture

All that's left is a shell and it's got some rust, but this 1969 Camaro is a real Z28 which means that someone will restore it. The trim code is X33 which decodes to the Style Trim Group in addition to being a Z/28. The Style Trim Group consisted of wheel opening molding, black body sill, simulated rear fender louvers, rear panel emblems and bright headlight and tail light accents.

The particular example has pretty solid frame rails, subframe mounts and rockers. Several other areas are rusted through though, including the trunk and floor pans and some in the quarter panels. But all the panels are original, which is nice considering some of the crap repop sheet metal on the market. Oh, and that's still the original Burnished Brown paint. Not exactly the sexiest color, but still better than a dozen cheap Maaco paint jobs over the years. Unfortunately this Camaro is missing quite a bit. No engine, transmission, hood, trunk, interior, front clip, bumpers, trim or rear end. Basically you get a shell with the Z28 name and that's it.


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