08th Feb2015

1972 Camaro SS barn find

Rust trumps low mileage!

The owner claims 31,000 original miles on this '72 SS Camaro. The plates on the car expired in 1974, so it's possible, but rust and time have take their toll regardless of how many miles are on the odometer. The base of the roof and rear window are more air than metal! The rest doesn't appear too bad from the photos, but when there's visible rust you know there's much more that can't be seen.

This Camaro came off the assembly line in 1972 with a 350 cid small block and a 4 speed transmission. It came with the SS (Super Sport) package, as well as power front disc brakes and a 3.73 gear ratio. No power steering or AC for this Camaro. It's a cool car and one of the last of the American muscle cars, but the rust issues and missing drive train might make this Camaro not worth salvaging.

What do you think?



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