23rd Sep2013

1973 Camaro Z/28 project

2nd Generation Camaro rusting away

The camera man seems to have been a little tipsy when he took photos of this '73 Camaro for sale. Maybe he thought the odd angles added an artistic flair to the shots! But they just make you a little dizzy to look at.

Anyway, this one owner Camaro project car needs quite a bit of work. It was found fenced in behind a house on the east coast and those cold winters surely contributed to the amount of rust. And that's not just surface rust. Check out the swiss cheese that used to be the front nose sheet meta. The interior is pretty trashed also. It's going to need just about everything to bring it back to life.

The original 4 speed transmission is there (minus shifter) but the engine is long gone. Finding a small block to tuck under the hood won't be a problem, unless you're looking for a factory correct block for this Z28.


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