25th Aug2013

1968 Camaro forgotten

Camaro overun by weeds

The forest has pretty much claimed this poor 1968 Camaro. It's been sitting for so long that it's completely overgrown with weeds and bushes... There's even a tree growing right through the engine compartment! What a waste of a great muscle car!
This Camaro shell probably doesn't even fit into the "parts car" category anymore. No engine, no transmission, no interior, not much glass, no trim, no rear end, no hood... and the list goes on. What little is left is either crumpled or rusted so badly as to be not even worth it's weight in scrap. As nice as it would be to see this classic Camaro back on the road again, there are just some cars that you can't bring back.


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25th Aug2013

1968 Camaro 327 Coupe

Original & complete, but tired '68 Camaro

It may not look like it at first glance, but this is an original and mostly complete 1967 Camaro. The factory 327 motor even runs! It was started every couple of years during it's long hibernation starting in 1988. It even still has the original hub caps (just ignore the all the flat tires!)